Our School

Education is a dynamic partnership between children, teachers and parents, in which each complements the work and effort of the other in an atmosphere of cooperation, mutual trust and appreciation, three values of life which characterize our school.

Children learn and at a greater speed during their early years than at any other time in their lives. That is why the pre-school years are of such vital importance in the education development of all children.

In order to achieve and be successful in the primary school, the child needs to be well prepared for formal learning. Our goal therefore is to prepare children so as to enhance their emotional, psychical, intellectual and social development.

Children in our school learn through the pedagogic program, play, interaction with the environment, talking singing, laughing, and having fun. The learning environment is secure and self contained with classrooms large enough to provide sufficient space for active play and group activities.

Our program is child centered and our approach is flexible and geared to the development of intelligence, competence and creativity. We want children in our school to feel safe and loved, to appear comfortable, know their routine and most of all have FUN!!!